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A lot of you...
But what exactly is a secular ceremony?
A little about me ...

A lot of you...

Oh, what?! A religious ceremony? No, thank you! Be honest, if you're visiting this site, it's because this thought is certainly running through your mind. Whether you're atheist, homosexual, of different faiths, remarrying, renewing your vows or simply having a lovely secular ceremony, Un mariage en Provence welcomes you. 

But what exactly is a secular ceremony?

A secular ceremony is above all a ceremony that reflects your personality! It has no religious aspect, and does not dispense with the need to go to the town hall. It is purely symbolic.
A secular wedding is the magic of a moment, when all your nearest and dearest come together to witness your strong commitment to love.


We laugh, we cry, we dream...


Whether you're in the mood for a princess wedding, a sunset on the beach, a country walk or a medieval outing, anything's possible!

A little about me ...

Choosing an officiant for a secular ceremony is above all a matter of feeling...


It all began for me with the wedding of close friends. They did me the honor of asking me to officiate their union. And then it all clicked! The smiles, the emotion, the tears of joy, the laughter... that's it! That's exactly what I want to fill my life with! Now I want to live my passion.


To be both the orchestrator of this unique moment in your life, while remaining discreet to make space for you and your loved ones. Be the shoulder you can lean on to avoid stress and anxiety... Telling your couple's story with passion and transmitting a range of emotions. Putting my attentiveness and communication skills to work for you! That's my mission as a secular wedding officiant!


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